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CHANGELOG - List of Changed Files

For a list of files that have been changed since v1.3.9f, see the changelog-v1-3-9g.html


For added security, Zen Cart™ comes with several .htaccess files already included in various folders to help provide protection against unwanted visitors and even against mis-use of your site in the unfortunate situation of your site being hacked. These protections prevent hackers from using your site as phishing sources.

However, for these built-in protections to work, your web hosting server administrator MUST set the AllowOverride directive in the server's apache configuration (the server's master httpd.conf file) to "All" or at least ensure it includes these parameters: 'Limit Indexes'.

ie:    AllowOverride All
or:    AllowOverride Limit Indexes    

(NOTE: You must also add "Options" if uncommenting OPTIONS directives in your .htaccess files)

Without these settings, you will likely encounter "500 Internal Server Error" messages when attempting to access various parts of your site, including perhaps the zc_install installer script.

Storeowners hosting on Windows Servers using IIS instead of Apache may need to remove the .htaccess files and rework them into suitable equivalents within your IIS configuration. See Microsoft's IIS website for specific assistance.


Inside some folders is an .htaccess file that lists certain *permitted* filetypes which may be accessed. (Anything else is blocked to prevent abuse on your site).

The side-effect of this is that if you choose to use media types that are not already listed in the *permitted* list, then your visitors will not be able to see those resources.

Thus, if you are using product images that are not in the list of permitted types in your /images/.htaccess, you will need to add those types to the list.

Similarly, if you are using certain media types in music product previews, you will need to make sure those are in your /media/.htaccess

And, if you are using filetypes for downloadable products that are not already listed in your /pub/.htaccess and /download/.htaccess you will need to add those as well.

Zen Cart™ Server Requirements

MINIMUM Requirements:
PHP 4.3.2 or higher, Apache 1.3.30 and MySQL 3.23.x or higher.

RECOMMENDED Requirements:
PHP 5.3.2 or higher, Apache 2.2 or higher and MySQL 4.1 or higher.

While Zen Cart can run on Windows/IIS servers, Linux/Apache servers are recommended for best results.

Upgrade Instructions from v1.3.9a/b/c/d/e/f to 1.3.9g

If you are upgrading from Zen Cart v1.3.9a or 1.3.9b or 1.3.9c or 1.3.9d or 1.3.9e or 1.3.9f, the process is simple:
- compare all the changed files with the files on your own site... and re-apply your customizations to the new files
- upload the new files (with your customizations added) to your site
- (there are no database-updates required between v1.3.9a to v1.3.9b or v1.3.9c or v1.3.9d or v1.3.9e or v1.3.9f or v1.3.9g)
- (there's no need to remove/re-install payment modules between "d" and "e" and "f" and "g")

If you are upgrading from a version prior to v1.3.9a, please follow the instructions in the "how to upgrade" documentation in the /docs folder.


It is advisable to clear your browser cache and cookies after upgrading, before attempting to access your Admin section. Old admin cookies may prevent you from logging in until you clear the cache and cookies and restart the browser.

Whats New ...

The following improvements and bugfixes are included in v1.3.9g since v1.3.9f:

  • CHANGE-74 - Security: Fix LFI/FD threat
  • CHANGE-74 - Security: Fix bSQLi vulnerability
  • CHANGE-74 - Security: Fix multiple XSS vulnerabilities
  • BUGSFORUM-1514 - Added admin warning page to prevent admin use if admin folder hasn't been renamed. (For XSS prevention and other security reasons, to deter hackers.)
  • BUGSFORUM-1514 - Added admin warning page to prevent admin use if zc-install folder hasn't been deleted
  • BUGSFORUM-531 - Fix to prevent "2006 MySQL server has gone away" messages
  • BUGSFORUM-1116 - Fix htmlspecialchars problem in ezpages
  • BUGSFORUM-1422 - Fix intermittent PayPal Express Checkout error 10413 & 10417 with large quantities and items on sale
  • BUGSFORUM-1438 - Improvements to canonical <link> support to minimize duplicate content reports
  • BUGSFORUM-1459 - Fix PayPal Express/Pro 10413 problem caused by rounding error with shipping taxes
  • BUGSFORUM-1472 - Set httpOnly attribute in session cookies, to minimize XSS risks
  • BUGSFORUM-1473 - Fix debug log problem
  • BUGSFORUM-1475 - Fix occasional Linkpoint problem when discounts/coupons are used
  • BUGSFORUM-1481 - Remove layout table in PayPal Pro VBV message
  • BUGSFORUM-1482 - Checkout Confirmation occassionally takes user back to log in after multiple purchases in one shopping session
  • BUGSFORUM-1490 - Fix Express Checkout quirk where customers selecting PP addresses for countries deleted from store would still be allowed to checkout
  • BUGSFORUM-1498 - Fix small authnet quirk where debug history order numbers might have trailing additional digits in debug data
  • BUGSFORUM-1499 - Fix PayPal problem where echecks wouldn't activate the order when cleared, due to a problem introduced when fixing duplicate-orders issue in v1.3.9d
  • BUGSFORUM-1507 - Security: Fix multiple XSS vulnerabilities
  • BUGSFORUM-1515 - Security: Fix multiple XSS vulnerabilities
  • BUGSFORUM-1519 - uninitialized variable causing odd display results if an error condition occurs
  • BUGSFORUM-1520 - Fix error where deleting an order wasn't removing associated download records.
  • BUGSFORUM-1522 - Featured, Specials, What's New sidebox div correction
  • BUGSFORUM-1527 - PayPal display bug in admin when Transaction IDs start with 0
  • ADDED: option added to disable Express Checkout shortcut button for those merchants whose customers are confused by it. However, it's best to leave it on to increase sales and conversions.
  • MINOR: small fix to authorize.net modules to prevent a brief delay from occurring when drawing the admin modules->payments screen
  • MINOR: added .xsl to approved filetypes in /includes/.htaccess
  • Removed obsolete cache.php language file

Zen Cart™ Copyright 2003-2010